Tranverse cart with single roller bed

IMG_4135[1]_JPG11111111111Tranverse cart for „loading ledgal“ packets Size: 2500x1100x440 mm. Ultimate load: 1500 kg. Diameter: 60 mm.

img_0547Size: 2500x1200x300 mm. Ultimate load: 1000 kg. Diameter: 70 mm. Rollers are easy changeble, made of steel. Both side ends are protected from dust. There are also breaks of deck and cart. It fixes the cart on a rail. Used: to transport product from one work line to another .No need to reload. Work power enlarges, hard physical work declines, the exterior of the product is preserved, when the device is used. Used: furniture, food, building industries ( small or large size product transporting)


Traversinis vežimėlis Traversinis varomas vežimėlis

Traversinis varomas vežimėlis  traversinis varomas vežimėlis